Friends of Bulgaria is the first charity to devote humanitarian aid to Bulgaria, responding in 1991 to the crisis in funding hospitals and institutional homes for children with disabilities and orphanages for abandoned children.


Friends of Bulgaria is now the longest-serving children’s charity devoted to Bulgaria, celebrating in 2016 a quarter-century of work locally, improving the welfare of children without parental care and adapting to meet their requirements as institutional childcare transforms into care in the community. 

More about us

Friends of Bulgaria responds to local initiatives for improving the quality of life of children in care and adolescents leaving care living isolated, routine-bound existences in urban locations, deprived of social communication, recreation and proper education.

Friends of Bulgaria works in partnership with charities in Bulgaria delivering projects designed to promote:

Communication & Social Skills:

Life Support Skills:

Personal development:

Individual confidence:

in Creative Arts:  music, singing, dance, art, crafts

in computer literacy, cooking, accounting

'Outreach' and Mentoring projects targeting individuals’ social, emotional, physical and educational difficulties

Outward Bound projects, eg: summer camp and excursions offering experiences of rural nature and team building

Friends of Bulgaria’s Project Providers:  

OXAB: Oxford Aid to the Balkans -

ZOV: 'appeal'  -

Star of Hope Foundation, Sofia

Karin Dom Foundation, Varna

Friends of Bulgaria  Project Sites

Veliko Turnovo

Dalbok Dol



Stara Zagora


Gorna Oryahovitsa

Star of Hope – HalfwayHouse supported accommodation
Penyo and Maria family centres, Two Family Centres, Crisis Centre
Paraskeva Neikova Dom residential Centre

Centre for Rehabilitation and Integration

Ivan Hadjiskii School – unit for disadvantaged children

Municipal Community Centre,

Club, National Association for Nydrocephaly and Spina Bifida

Karin Dom Foundation for Mental and Physical disability

Nezabravka Orphanage  

Home for children with mental disabilities

Day Centre and Family Centre for Children with Disabilities